Handcrafted By Need YOU!

If you would like to sell your handcrafted items through the site then here are the things you need to know!

Handcrafted By do everything for you!

We list, Store and post your items.

You will receive an email when one of your items sells.

You have the option of receiving your money at the end of each month or as and when items sell.

Handcrafted By don't charge the earth! You only pay a very small amount per item that sells. No listing fee's.

Charges can be emailed to you if you are interested.

We only use Paypal to receive money but we can send you a cheque!

All you need to do is send us your items and let us know what price you would like putting on them! Its really that simple!

Retailers are also welcome. Tariffs will be agreed per retailer on contact.